Weekend additions

  • Open Camp site

    Open Camp site

    This is per tent/camper/car. We have reserved a large open camp area close to the lake. The regular camping price is $50. This is a largely discounted agreement with Wellington. If you are bringing a camper, tent, sleeping in your car or under the stars, at the lake, you will need to reserve a camping spot.

    $35.00 ea.

  • Observer/Non volunteer

    Observer/Non volunteer

    If you are bringing a family member, friend, or extra support that is not volunteering, they will need to buy a full day pass to enter the park.

    $15.00 ea.

  • volunteer


    If you would like to volunteer a volunteer, please add them here and we will contact you to get more information. Volunteers do not need to pay an entry fee.

    $0.00 ea.


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